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An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment

To bring social change and end the root causes of sexual violence WDL will help fund the expansion of the It's Never Ok campaign around the world. We will invite Times Up to collaborate on this initiative that can be a powerful preventative measure. It’s conceivable that we could raise tens of millions from the benefit to launch this. Violence against women is a major theme for the Women’s March on International Women’s Day.

It’s ready to go. The Premiere of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne’s crusade against sexual violence and harassment has gone global, thanks to an investment of $50 million dollars and an edgy Ontario government ad that has been viewed more than 7 million times. The 13-part action plan is available in 27 languages. It emphasizes there are no justifications for sexual harassment or sexual violence.

The It’s Never Okay Action plan is available to visionary leaders around the world to invest and implement in their communities. We will create a PSA to air globally, featuring world renowned male stars,  Champions for Equality, who advocate dignity and respect.


We stand poised with a once in a lifetime opportunity to spark historic levels of investment in empowering women and girls around the world. Canada has positioned itself as the gender equality leader on the world stage. Prime Minister Trudeau has embraced the social side of innovation by delivering transformative and impactful solutions. It’s  $150 million investment in women in the international grassroots community is a game-changer. It is the single largest investment of its kind to date from any country.

“The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) hold real promise to embed advances in women’s rights. Now it is up to all of us to hold governments accountable for their commitments and make sure the goals are met. And funding the solutions of grass-roots women’s groups – will be critical to success.” The Global Fund for Women.

Will you step up to help women and girls in the short and long term?

A global Call to Action will invite world governments to also put women and girls at the heart of their International Development strategy. We have the potential to move billions into the hands of women in the years to come with this singular change in national and global policy. It is a pivotal moment in history we cannot afford to miss.

History in the Making. Ignite the Power of the Digital Revolution.

The BENEFITS are evident for short and long term IMPACT:

  1. Women Moving Billions. Invite Leaders to power up Women with $$. Transformative Global Social Action Campaigns to put women at the heart of their International Development Strategy.
  2. Global Challenge. Build a sustainable fund-raising platform to accelerate funding for women. Public and Corporate world support World’s biggest Give Back and Shopping Day to match World Leaders.
  3. Harness the power of media, celebrity and technology to align women’s power, voice & leadership to impact National and  Global Policy.
  4. Women are proving the power of #Our Voices. Our Time. Women Unite to build a Powerful Global Movement.
  5. Build a popular Music Festival worldwide on International Women’s Day. Provide tools to create own WDL Festivals and to fundraise and create advocacy in countries worldwide.
  6. Keep Promises to Women. Invest in the future. Challenge world leaders to Step it Up for Gender Equality. To Achieve the 50/50 Pledge by 2030 BOLD ACTIONS are needed now.

END RESULT. Real Impact & Funding to achieve our common goal for education, an end to violence, and equal opportunity.


Extended Reach of Concerts and International Women’s Day Celebrations:
To create biggest live global interactive social networking event in history.

  • Raise awareness of the value of women and girls in society today
  • Live stream, online telethon, digital home across all time zones and geographic areas
  • Historical record of music, stories, content, & feeling
  • NGO’s who are in 175 countries will join the movement-building efforts 
  • Leverage tens of millions in free media         

There is much at stake for women and girls’ rights now, more than ever. Musimbi Kanyoro, the CEO of the Global Fund for Women states, “These threats are global and touch every aspect of women’s lives: civil, political, economic, social & cultural rights!” Gender equality is key to the Millennium Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Women’s Day Live: An Annual Global Charitable Platform

  1. Signature concert & telethon (broadcast globally).
  2. Branded ‘donation give back’ for purchases on International Women’s Day backed by leading global and regional retailers and manufacturers.
  3. Global give back: Deliver high impact support to the grassroots supporting the strategy created by the Nobel Laureate Women’s Initiative and Canada’s MATCH International Women’s fund.

Funds raised through Women’s Day Live on air will be directed to: Six major Women’s Grassroots organizations:

  • Support transformative work in education, health, gender equality and women’s rights by strengthening and supporting women’s grassroots organizations.
  • Provide multiyear funding to strengthen and sustain effective women’s rights and advocacy organizations and movement building.

Multi-Year Trans‐Media Global Social Action Campaign


  1. Increased access to power, resources and visibility:
    Women and girls will have equal access to services (e.g., education, health, water, sanitation); political participation and leadership. Result: improved economic autonomy and livelihoods.
  2. Changes in policies and laws:
    Women and girls will organize to advocate for laws and policies that advance and protect women’s rights; women leaders and organizations will hold Governments to account so that improved policies and laws are passed, implemented, maintained and enforced.
  3. Movement building:
    Women’s organizations will strengthen networks and coalitions. There is strong evidence that women’s empowerment and gender equality are associated with peace and stability. Equally, philanthropic investments at the grassroots generate significant returns on gender equality. 

Example. $20M raised through the WDL platform would bring 1000 ground-breaking grassroots women’s initiatives to life – and progress to the women they serve.

Imagine the excitement of this ground-breaking initiative. Giving voice to women all over the world.
It is in our vast and ordinary numbers that our power to change the world resides. We are at a critical juncture point as a human family. On this day we can celebrate and support each other and offer the leadership we long to bring to create the future we want to live.

We invite your visionary leadership to help realize this bold and exciting initiative.


International Women’s Day, March 8th, celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. It is a national holiday in 35 countries, including Rwanda, Russia and China and is celebrated in 100+ countries. Thousands of self-created events take place annually.

“As host of the G7, Canada will be in a unique position to advance our priorities, including gender equality. This topic will be at the top of the agenda. I look forward to working with my counterparts to promote gender equality here and abroad."

"UN Women is “inspired by the vision for Women’s Day Live as a global social action campaign for the advancement of women worldwide. We will collaborate with you on this bold Canadian initiative, through the leveraging of our convening power and access to key stakeholders”. See Letter

“The future of global women’s rights is at stake. This moment calls for energizing new efforts to lead the charge for change. We will ensure that movements for women’s rights are powerful, influential, and achieve lasting gains.” Musimbi Kanyoro is Co-Chair of Women’s Day Live.

“Women’s Day Live offers a historic opportunity to take the lead on a bold initiative that can
be very effective in mobilizing resources and
impact national and global policy”
See letter


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