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A Live Global Mega-shed Event to Bring the World Together. Women’s Day Live will launch the  first of its kind Live Global Interactive Multi‐Media Social Action Campaign on March 8, 2018, International Women’s Day. Join Canada’s ambitious global leadership effort to champion the tremendous potential of women and girls. We will engage the hearts of millions of women and men across the planet to realize that they are part of a groundswell of people connected worldwide by the same values and passion for justice, equality and equal opportunity. A world that works for everyone.

Women’s Day Live’s campaigns, propelled by the power of music, celebrity and the global media, will catalyze a series of real-world events in countries around the world, backed by strong public relations and advertising campaigns. Digital will play a pivotal role in national and global campaigns. International Women’s Day is widely celebrated across the world, especially in India and China. India’s mobile user base will reach 500 million users, and China is the biggest online user in the world.

Digital will lie at the core of the campaign due to its ability to network the powerful institutions backing the campaign, directly reach and inspire global audiences, expand the impact of real world events, and support the development of leadership in communities around the world.


We will design a digital campaign that is deeply network driven for hundreds of NGO’s benefit. Using collaboration technologies destined to transform online creativity, amplify story-telling, content creation, and fundraising campaigns, to multiple demographics, and countries.

Specific digital concepts, tools, content, social media, mobile, engagement, and promotions strategies will be developed to grow connections, leaving the global & local systems better off – in terms of money, social capital & leadership capacity – than it is now. Many events fail to deliver this.

Invite GSMA which represents nearly 800 mobile operators worldwide, to support the Campaign with their Connected Women’s program. Successfully targeting women not only advances women’s digital and financial inclusion, but unlocks significant growth potential with usage: an estimated $170 billion market opportunity for the mobile industry in the period from 2015 to 2020.


An all-out spectacular global co-creation call out & social networking event will give voice and creative expression to women and girls from cultures around the world. First film airs in March 2019 for Canada’s Centennial, second, Women’s Day Live U.S.A. in 2020 to celebrate the Centennial of Women’s vote in the U.S.


A global Co-Creation call out will engage women and girls worldwide to document one day in their life during a 24 hour period on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018. The biggest outpouring of creative expression from women in music, video, dance to the issues impacting their lives.

This Historic Snapshot will feature all video submissions online for research and discovery by Country. Suggested questions: What does being a woman mean? What do you hope for? What do you love? What do you fear? What do you care about? The completed film will be available to all NGO’s to raise Humanitarian Aid.

This powerful song will blossom into a global sensation, connecting and inspiring people around the world to put their heart in action.

World Artists are invited to perform an iconic anthem for women to raise global humanitarian AID. We can produce We are the Women of the World or Shine. A global co-creation call out will invite women and girls to create their own music videos to enter a worldwide competition. A brilliant orchestrated anthem will blossom into a global sensation, connecting and inspiring people around the world to put their heart in action.

SUPPORT U.N. WOMEN’S “He for She” Champion Equality Campaign

UN WOMEN’s Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality urges "concrete national actions and commitments to achieve gender equality by 2030. This is 12 years!!! Let’s make it happen.

Which is why this unprecedented Global gathering and Celebration of  International Women’s Day is so important to  amplify this global call to action to implement commitments made by world leaders for 'bold' actions  to achieve gender equality.

Invite world renowned male stars, leaders, and sports figures to take part in a PSA, that will air worldwide  to change cultural views about the transformative value of women and girls in global society today.

Why Empower Women? Showcase Women’s Vital Voices

The portrayal of women in media has a major impact on how they are valued and treated in society.

We will bring women’s causes to the forefront of global consciousness and spark debate to launch a cultural transformation in the image and treatment of women and girls, and their ability to contribute to society.

We invite multi-media partners to join us in producing a 10 one-hour provocative series of specials and 30 short films by award-winning filmmakers which will weave a powerful tapestry of courageous stories rooted in the lives of women around the world, and in the critical issues confronting humanity. more

Together we will create a new mythology that re-shapes the place of women in the world today.

Together we must tear down barriers so that women can claim their rights and realize their potential.
Gender violence and gender inequality is not just a women's issue. It's also a man's issue.
The music video will bring together prominent female artists in an iconic and joyful anthem that will support humanitarian fundraising for years to come.
The Agape International Choir were the first to perform “We are the Women of the World”.
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