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A Global Music Festival and Benefit Concert

Women’s Day Live is a spectacular multi-venue Benefit Concert and global music festival that will feature legendary artists and  visionaries connecting people globally for an historic celebration of the women of the world on International Women’s Day. 

An electrifying roster of artists on stage in Toronto, the host city for this live worldwide broadcast will join a simulcast of more than a 100,000 thousand celebrants on Washington Mall, Washington, D.C. linked live with a concert in Mumbai, India.  Imagine the excitement. Enjoy a Multi-Screen experience streamed Live on YouTube. Highlight broadcast show featuring performances from each venue will air internationally.

Our mission is to empower women and girls with education and equal opportunity.
"I hope you will join the celebration for WOMEN'S DAY LIVE."

Celebrate, Educate and Empower Women and Girls. See video

"If we want to see a bright future we must fight for ourselves and work for equality for women around the world. We cannot achieve our goal until we are together and united. We must start our campaign now." Malala Yousafzai

"Join us for WOMEN'S DAY LIVE." Women’s Day Live Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

"I invite women and men to gather in every city around the world to celebrate over a hundred years of progress for women. Seize the clear opportunity to make poverty history by empowering women and girls in the world today."

Women and girls hold tremendous potential and if we come together to be their champions we will benefit and change the future course of humanity.

Join the Movement. Put Your Heart in Action.

This Globe-spanning philanthropic campaign is about people helping people. We will provide the Global Social Action Campaigns and media to focus on 7 pillars and issues that you can support. All approved charities can participate.

WOMEN'S DAY LIVE will harness the power of media, technology and social networking to provide tools for large-scale organization, sustainable fund-raising and global advocacy.

Imagine 24 Hours of live music around the world for the greatest humanitarian event of the 21st Century.

WOMEN’S DAY LIVE is “Live AID” for women and youth. Global reach. Local Impact. A unifying day for humanity.

Raise Global Humanitarian Aid

International artists will be invited to create the We are the Women of the World song and music video, an iconic
Anthem for women. This song will touch the hearts of people and blossom into a global sensation, connecting and
inspiring people around the world to take part in this humanitarian campaign.

  • A Global co-creation call out will invite women & girls to create "We Are The Women of the World" music videos from all over the world in multiple languages.
  • Broadcast the rich cultural diversity of women’s voices and stories from countries worldwide.
Women’s Day Live will foster the biggest live global interactive social networking event in history.

WOMEN'S DAY LIVE will use the power of music to inspire and connect people around the world in a common cause. Create your own music, event and celebration in town squares, town halls, from classrooms to dinner parties. This is as good as a street party gets. Upload your event. Donate. Be the generation that could make a difference for the future benefit of humanity and did so.

We will help build a broader co-ordinating effort to spark the largest united movement possible to show that change is inevitable because there is no lasting global economic recovery without tackling extreme poverty, which begins with the dawn of a new egalitarian age.
Women and Girls are the Cause of the 21st Century "Women are a natural resource that can help end poverty. That’s why promoting gender equality, goal #3 of the Millennium Development Goals is so important. Women are a source of power the world can no longer afford to overlook." Helene Gayle See video

"We stand poised at a defining and pivotal moment in history. The Women's Day Live Emmy award-winning production team will produce an epic and spectacular global celebration of the women of the world.

Be a visionary. Join us in making history." Lili Fournier
Global Engagement. Giving Back to the Future.

With millions of views and online sign-ups worldwide, WOMEN’S DAY LIVE offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with women and girls around the world, especially in the emerging economies.

Together we can grow Women’s Day Live into a global entertainment franchise that may well become one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world, one that keeps on giving back to the future every International Women’s Day.
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