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An electrifying roster of artists and visionaries on concert stages in Toronto, Mumbai and New York will use the power of music to connect people globally to celebrate the women of the world on International Women's Day.

A legendary roster of International and Bollywood stars will spearhead a global social action campaign to accelerate investment in women’s funds to empower the future lives of women and girls.See interim video trailer (video being updated).

International Women's Day is celebrated annually in over 100 countries, with thousands of self-created events. It is a national holiday in 35 countries including China. We intend to grow this signature International Women’s Day Global Benefit Concert  into a global multi-year, multi-media platform that will create a sustainable global charitable platform and one of the most popular International Music Festivals in the world, one that keeps giving back to the future every year.

This is Live Aid Women. Global Reach. Local Impact.

A Live Global-Mega-Shed Event. Global Engagement. Global Connectivity.

Our mission is to open the heart of humanity to lend a helping hand to women and children in the face of this severe global humanitarian crisis. At this critical time in the world, never has alternative sources of funding been more important. The worldwide Broadcast will present upbeat calls to action, and showcase local celebrations and fund-raising efforts that will inspire all of us to take action.

A unifying day for humanity. Join or create your own Women's Day Live celebrations and Heart in Action teams in cities and towns around the world, from town squares and classrooms to town halls and dinner parties. Millions of Global Citizens will stand united, connected and willing to put their heart in action. What will you do?

Globe Spanning Transformative Philanthropy

A Global Charitable Platform for Sustainable Fund-Raising: A New Approach to Global Philanthropy
“The Heart in Action Campaign” humanitarian campaign will invite people to put their heart in action. Harness women’s power as consumers to create the world’s biggest online Shopping Day of the Year. Galvanize brands worldwide to support the biggest “give back day” in history. 

  • The benefit will raise funds for charities on the front lines of global women’s empowerment, such as: The Global Fund for Women. Match International. The Women’s Funding Network. Let Girls Learn.
  • Time to be Bold: An impactful way to deliver international aid to grass-roots organizations directly

Ignite the Power of The Digital Revolution  

A unique Celebration of Women Leading in Every Part of the World
This all-out spectacular global celebration of women and immersive global live stream social networking event will mobilize resources to CHAMPION the transformative power of women and girls in global society. Women are the #1 Opportunity in the world today and the most potent force for global economic growth.

Women’s Day Live is a Social Networking Bonanza. Unprecedented collaboration technologies destined  to transform online creativity, amplify self-expression, storytelling, content creation, creator marketplace. A global communications network to align women’s voice, power and leadership. Millions of online sign ups. Valuable digital assets to engage women worldwide, especially in emerging marketplaces.


Women All Over the World Expressing their Voice, their Power, their Leadership.

A global Co-Creation call out will invite women and girls all over the world  to submit their stories, their music, their videos - in one 24-hour period on March 8, 2018. The rich cultural diversity of women's stories from around the world will create a historic experience —what it’s like to be a woman and girl alive in the world today. Digital Archives. A multi-screen experience. All social media channels.

This Historic Snapshot of the World's Women on One Day will make cinematic history. Final Docu will air 2019.


We have seen the beginning of a significant movement of women rising and awakening to their collective power. Together we can create a new mythology that re-shapes the place of women and girls in the world today.

Live Aid was one of the most important humanitarian events of the 20th century. It established the power of artists to bring serious world issues into the limelight, and the power of music to unite people around the world in a common cause. WDL offers unprecedented convening power to achieve unprecedented levels of funding and movement building.

BOLD AND EXCITING MULTI-YEAR GLOBAL SOCIAL ACTION INITIATIVES: End result. Greatly increased Awareness, Impact and Funding for women and girls to achieve our common goal for education, gender equality and global economic growth.

We invite your visionary leadership to help realize this bold and exciting Global Women’s Empowerment Initiative to EMPOWER WOMEN AND CHANGE THE WORLD!


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