Women's Day Live is a spectacular multi-venue Global Benefit Concert and International Music Festival that will celebrate over a century of progress for the women of the world on International Women's Day.

A Live Global Mega-Shed Event. Imagine the excitement as millions of celebrants join local International Women's Day celebrations around the world and experience the live simulcast Concerts broadcast worldwide from Toronto, New York, and Mumbai.

Join the largest live social networking event in modern history to embrace the rich cultural diversity of women's and girls' voices, stories and accomplishments from around the world.

The Mission is to ignite a global movement to educate and empower women and girls, end violence and support equal opportunity.

Women's Day Live will harness the power of global media, celebrity and technology to energize a series of real world events in multiple countries to launch an exciting multi-year global social action campaign to accelerate investment in women and girls. Toronto, Mumbai, and New York will be the epicenters for the Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign - a compelling declaration that the future is now. It is about people lending a helping hand.

Join the Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign - To Raise Momentum and Money. This live Interactive-Multi-Media Global Social Action Campaign will raise awareness and offer all NGO's an engagement vehicle to mobilize resources and put finances in the hands of women and the organizations that support the power and promise of women and girls.

The Emmy-Award winning team, Five Currents (London, Sochi Olympic Ceremonies, The Clinton Global Initiative) will produce an epic celebration of  the women of the world. The media and co-production partner for Women’s Day Live India, is The Times Group, the largest media conglomerate in India. They will engage Bollywood's legendary stars to launch a national celebration of women and girls across India with a powerful media campaign as an impetus for social change.
China and UN Women will be co-hosting a Global Summit with World Leaders on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment on Sept. 26, 2015 in New York to promote "truly bold actions" to achieve far-reaching progress on gender equality. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has challenged governments to reach gender equality by the year 2030 with a major impetus for change in the next 5 years.

On this 20th Anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action world leaders pledge to implement commitments and promises to accelerate the advancement of women and girls around the world.

We Invite World Leaders to Celebrate their Nation's women next International Women's Day to pay tribute to this significant proclamation on this historic occasion. This new vision of possibility is calling us to a greater humanity.

Global connectivity and global engagement will spark public debate and inspire global audiences to grow active leadership at community levels around the world for the cause. Marrying the top down power of concerts, brands, celebrities, media and global institutions with the bottom up power of distributed global networks and small-scale local leaders is what will make this potentially a game-changing day in history.

Live Aid was one of the most important humanitarian events of the 20th century. It established the power of artists to bring serious world issues into the limelight, and the power of music to unite people around the world in a common cause.

The cause of women and girls is the cause of the 21st century.

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