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A Live Global Mega-Shed Event. An electrifying roster of artists and visionaries on concert stages in Toronto, Mumbai and New York will use the power of music to connect people globally to celebrate diversity, equal opportunity and the achievements of the women of the world on International Women's Day. This will be the largest live interactive social networking event  in modern history.

International stars and Bollywood's legendary artists will spearhead a powerful media campaign to educate women and girls, as an impetus for change. See interim video trailer (video being updated)

International Women's Day is celebrated in over 100 countries, with thousands of self-created events taking place annually. Join celebrants at local International Women's Day celebrations around the world from Rio, to Kigali, Rwanda and Beijing, where International Women's Day is a national holiday.

This is Live Aid Women. Global Reach. Local Impact.

A Global Charitable Platform. A unifying day for humanity.

People helping people in response to this critical global humanitarian crisis. The worldwide Broadcast and Online Telethon will present upbeat calls to action, and showcase local celebrations and fund-raising efforts that will inspire all of us to take action. What will you do?

Join or create your own Women's Day Live celebrations and Heart in Action teams in cities and towns around the world, from town squares and classrooms to town halls and dinner parties. Millions of Global Citizens will stand united, connected and willing to put their heart in action.

Globe Spanning Transformative Philanthropy

WDL will harness the power of global media, celebrity and technology to energize a series of real world events to raise momentum and spark historic new levels of investment in women and girls, taking social networking and activism to a whole new level. WDL offers all NGO's an engagement vehicle to mobilize resources and put finances in the hands of women and the organizations that support the power and promise of women and girls.

Ignite A Global Celebration of “A Woman’s Day”.

Make “A Woman’s Day” the world’s biggest  online shopping day in history. Every year. We invite Alibaba and Amazon, and all corporations to donate a percentage of sales on this one day. “A Singles Day” in China is the world’s biggest online shopping day of the year on Nov 11th. Alibaba – spotted a commercial opportunity in this celebration of singlehood. They went from 1 billion sales in 2009 to approx. 14 billion this past year. The E-Commerce Opportunity in India is a trillion dollar opportunity as stated by Goldman Sachs. It will be around $228 billion by 2030. It will see $120 billion revenue by 2020. Let’s make serious impact with this celebration of womenhood.

A global Co-Creation call out will invite women and girls worldwide to document one day in the life of a woman, on International Women's Day. The rich cultural diversity of women's stories from around the world will create a historic snapshot of the world's women and girls. It will result in a feature film that will make cinematic history. We expect to air on various multi-media and social networks worldwide. Giving voice to the women and girls of the world.

A Historic Snapshot of the World's Women on One Day.

An action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment

To bring social change and end the root causes of sexual violence WDL will help launch the It's Never Ok campaign in India, Canada and around the world. Canada's pre-eminent leader, the Premiere of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne shares her passion to End Sexual Violence and the road map she created to help change the existing "culture of misogyny," rooted in society. With $100 million committed to spearhead the campaign to end violence against women, we invite other leaders to take the lead.

Put Women's Empowerment Front Row Centre

Women's Day Live
offers convening power to achieve unprecedented levels of financing from all sources and a global platform for movement building with the social action campaigns among people, communities, visionary world leaders, NGOs, governments, corporations, technology, and communications platforms to accelerate the full participation of women and girls.


End result. Greatly increased Awareness, Impact and Funding for women and girls to achieve our common goal for education, an end to violence, and gender equality. See UN Women

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